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BBC Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 4 Extra is a digital radio station that broadcast 24 hours a day. Owned and operated by BBC was re-released on 2 April 2011 as Radio 4 Extra and until today it continues to play comedy format.

Programs and Announcers

15 Minute Drama, EW Hornung - Raffles, HG Wells, Book of the Week, In a Prince's Footsteps, Kate Mosse - The Mistletoe Bride and Other Haunting Tales, Ian McEwan - Amsterdam, Sitters' Stories, Blind Date with Runyon, The Goon Show, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Derek Tangye - The Cornish Gardener, Alex Edelman's Peer Group, Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!, The Comedy Club Interviews, Drama, The Matinee: The Creation of a Theatrical Institution, Women Talking About Cars, Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section, Archive on 4, Parsley Sidings, Guess What?, King Street Junior Revisited, Something to Shout About, Trapped, Steptoe and Son, Britain in a Box, Dilemma, Elephants to Catch Eels, Just a Minute, Rent, The Small, Intricate Life of Gerald C Potter, Swimming Through Chocolate, Daphne Du Maurier, Flying the Flag, The Navy Lark, I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again... Again!, Merry Christmas Morris Minor!, Second Thoughts, Life in London, Foul Play, The Missing Hancocks, All the Way from Memphis, Desert Island Discs Revisited, Nick Warburton - Interviews, The Haunting of MR James (Omnibus), Dead Ringers, Beyond Our Ken, Off the Page, Sheila Goff - Grace and the Angel, Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives (Omnibus), Sounds Natural, Old Dog and Partridge, The Devil's Violin, Michael Carson - Untaken by Angels, Dexter and Dodd, Inheritance Tracks, Life With The Lyons, The Men From the Ministry, Poetry Extra, Dave Sheasby - Showing Promise, The Tales of Beatrix Potter (Omnibus), A Life of Bliss, Peter Regent - The Proposal, Great Lives, Fairy Tales Retold by Sara Maitland, A Good Read, David Attenborough's Life Stories, Podcast Radio Hour, The Prisoner, The Moth Radio Hour, Puzzling Passions, Hancock's Half Hour, Barbara Kingsolver - Unsheltered, Robb Wilton - I Should Say So, The Listening Project, The Small World of Dominic Holland, Jon Canter - The Dog, Frankly Speaking, The Ape That Got Lucky, Beautiful Dreamers, Knocker, Old Dog Partridge, Rick Mayall on Radio, Moya O'Shea - The Chocolate Lovers' Club, The Men from the Ministry, The Shuttleworths, The Simon Day Show, Beyond our Ken, Gwyneth Hughes - Victory, The News at Bedtime, Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better, Newsjack, Rik Mayall on Radio, Isy Suttie's Love Letters, Think the Unthinkable, Inspector Grant - The Daughter of Time, World of Pub, What to Do If You're Not Like Everybody Else, Old Harry's Game, Tina C, Instant Sunshine, Elis Jame's Pantheon of Heroes, Susie Maguire - Offensive Behaviour, Merry Christmas Morris Minor, Pleased to Meet You, History Retweeted, Swimming through Chocolate, Cabin Pressure, The Missing Hancoks, Hut 33, Absolute Power, Hancok's Half Hour, Everyone Quite Likes Justin, Josie Long: All of the Planet's Wonders, Will Smith's Midlife Crisis Management, Saturday Drama, Clare in the Community, Laura Solon - Talking and Not Talking, Baldi

Frequencies FM

  • London : DAB



Address: Radio 4 Extra, BBC Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA

Telephone: 03 333 444 544