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BBC World Service

The World's Radio Station

BBC World Service is an international biggest broadcaster of news and analysis programmes. In UK the BBC World Service is broadcast on DAB, Freeview, Vergin Media and Sky Platforms. It is a Crown corporation of the UK Government. The BBC World Service was launched on 19th of December 1932. BBC World Service Programmes Newsday World Update Newshour The Newsroom Health Check Click Science in Action Sportsworld The Sports Hour Stumped The Forum World: Have Your Say Outlook BBC World Service Announcers David Austin Julie Candler Jonathan Izard Stewart Macintosh Marion Marshall Sue Montgomery Jerry Smit

Programs and Announcers

BBC News, BBC News Summary, The Newsroom, Newshour, Newsday, Outlook, BBC OS, World Business Report, The Documentary, Sportsworld, BBC News | The Newsroom | Sports News, BBC News | Weekend, HARDtalk, Business Daily | Witness, Sport Today, Business Matters, Assignment, Science in Action, The Compass, The Food Chain, BBC News | World Update, CrowdScience, World Update, BBC World Hacks, The Inquiry, Click, The Cultural Frontline, World Football, The Forum, Discovery, The Arts Hour, The Real Story, Heart and Soul, Trending, Boston Calling, From Our Own Correspondent, The Conversation, In the Balance, The Fifth Floor, In the Studio, BBC News | Weekend | BBC News Summary, BBC News | The World This Week | BBC News Summary, Over to You, Stumped, The History Hour, Health Check, The Why Factor | More or Less, The Forum | Sporting Witness, Kalki Presents: My Indian Life | Over to You, Sporting Witness, BBC News | The Newsroom | BBC News Summary, Global Beats, The Why Factor, SPorting Witness, Witness, BBC News | Sportshour, Breaking News | Witness, More or Less, The documentary, State Of The Union, Trending | More or Less, The World This Week, Hardtalk, Trending | Over to You, Tech Tent, Living with the Gods

Frequencies FM

  • London : DAB



Address: Audience Relations Zone C, 7th Floor Broadcasting House Portland Place London W1A 1AA