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BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 - radio station operated by the BBC since 1967. Replacing BBC Home Service it brought to the audience wide range of spoken-word programmes (news, comedy, drama etc). The headquarters are in London, but it is available for it´s listeners all around the world. BBC Radio 4 is the second largest domestic radio in the UK. BBC Radio 4 Programmes Woman´s Hour From Our Own Correspondent You and Yours News Bulletin Shipping forecast Weather reports Farming Today Tweet of the Day Today Book of the Week 15 Minute Drama The World at One The Archers Afternoon Drama Front Row The World Tonight Book at Bedtime Sailing By God Save the Queen BBC Radio 4 announcers Chris Aldridge Kathy Clugston Corry Corfield Susan Rae Vaughan Savidge Kate Silverton Neil Sleat Zeb Soanes Jim Lee David Miles Alan Smith Neil Nunes

Programs and Announcers

Shipping Forecast, Weather, 15 Minute Drama, Book of the Week, Barbara Kingsolver - Unsheltered, Midnight News, Selection of BBC World Service Programmes, News Briefing, Six O'Clock News, News Summary, Prayer for the Day, Woman's Hour, Today in Parliament, The Archers, Farming Today, Today, PM, Tweet of the Day, You and Yours, Four Seasons, World at One, The Arches, Front Row, The World Tonight, The Creation of an Icon, Tracks, Drama, Money Box, Profile, The Art of Living, News and Papers, Radio 4 Appeal, The Listening Project, Archive on 4, The Food Programme, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Mastertapes, iPM, Dead Ringers, All in the Mind, Short Works, Thinking Allowed, Bells on Sunday, The Film Programme, Belonging, BBC Inside Science, Desert Island Discs, Open Country, Crossing Continents, In Business, Start the Week, In Our Time, A Point of View, Brexit on the Border, Great Lives, Last Word, Feedback, The Life Scientific, Something Understood, Open Book, Pick of the Week, Mums and Sons, In Touch, The Shuttleworths, Science Stories, Turbulence, Behind the Scenes, Soul Music, TEZ Talks, The Archers Omnibus, Wireless Nights, The Power of Twitter, The Week in Westminster, Quote...Unquote, Chain Reaction, Short Cuts, From Our Own Correspondent, The World this Weekend, The Noisy Page, Lenny Henry's Rogues Gallery, Gardeners' Question Time, Any Questions?, Designing Dundee, Does Trade Matter?, The Briefing Room, Gerdeners' Question Time, Sunday Worship, Time Spanner, The Tim Vine Chat Show, The Damien Slash Mixtape, Alex Edelman's Peer Group, Welsh Ladies, From Our Home Correspondent, The Pin, Saturday Review, Beyond Belief, Contracts of Silence, The Living World, The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry, The Media Show, Any Questions ?, John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, Sunday, News and Weather, Only Artists, Loose Ends, WIQ, Broadcasting House, Drawing a Line Under the Troubles, The Untold, News Headlines, Poems for the Winter Solstice, News, Women Talking About Cars, The Tyranny of Story, Any Answers?, One to One, Living with the Gods, Saturday Live

Frequencies FM

  • London : 93.5 FM



Address: BBC Broadcasting House, London, W1A 1AA United Kingdom

Telephone: 03 333 444 544