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Bearded Fishermen Charity Radio

Gainsborough Community Radio your local radio station

Gainsborough’s Community Radio Station Welcome to the website of Bearded Fishermen Radio. We are a Community Radio Station serving the town of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and the surrounding area. Bearded Fisherman Radio first broadcast on 1st March 2021. We are a part of the Bearded Fishermen Charity whose mission is to provide help and support for anyone of any age with mental health issues. You can find more information about the Charity on its website Music & Mental Health You may wonder "Why?" as a mental Health Charity we set up a community radio station. That's easy, one of the best things to help with mental health issues, depression and anxiety is MUSIC, along with getting out and relaxing. You can find that having something to try and something that you can get out doing is a great therapy, Music is great therapy, the radio station also helps people to get out and do something they enjoy and its so easy to do. Many of our hosts are struggling with some form of mental health issues and they have found becoming a host on the radio has helped them a lot. Getting involved in planning a show choosing the music and talking to people over the air builds up confidence and it is also a great way to meet new people even if just virtually on air or by text into the studio. Why not come along and give it a try you may find you enjoy it.

Programs and Announcers

Gary's Breakfast Club - Enjoy your morning cuppa with Gary and his breakfast rolls, Mick's Mayhem - Easy listening with Mick all morning, Lynne The Lady Trucker's Liquorice Allsorts - Mixture of music including "Guess The Movie", 120 Minutes Of Massive - Alex brings you 120 minutes of the most eclectic sounds you'll find on radio!, Hard Rock Heaven - Neil brings you the best of Heavy Metal & Hard Rock to wind up your weekend, The Love Zone with Bob - Back to back love songs brought to you by Bob, Driving Anthems With Bob - Tune in to Bob & the best driving anthems!, Blast From The Past - Lynne The Lady Trucker brings you music from selected years, Mental Metal Journey - Join Harley for 2 hours of the heavier side of Metal!, Rock With Gary - Enjoy classic rock with Gary, Alastair's 80s 90s & Rock Show - Great music from the 80's & 90's, including the feature "Party With Your Pets", Jamming With The Band - Alastair brings you some of the best music that bands jam to!, Shaun's indie show - 70/80/90 indie show, Non-stop music - Bringing you the chance to catch up on older shows, along with our automatic DJ, Midweek Mosh - The best music from the worlds of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal with your host, Neil



Telephone: 01427619568