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BHR Wales - Bridgend's Hospital Radio

The sound of the Princess of Wales Hospital

Bridgend’s Hospital Radio formally known as Bridgend League of Friends Hospital Radio (BLFR) has been an integral and useful addition to the Princess of Wales for many years, from the days of vinyl 1982 up to today’s digital age. Our aim is to aid the recovery of and lessen the stresses of being in Hospital, via the power of music. Being in hospital can be for many reasons :- Happy Events (Births), Sad Events (Illness) or routine events (Tests to check your body is functioning as it should be) BUT all of these events can be eased a little by the medium of music and the messages of support from loved ones that we can broadcast for patients also “Thank you’s” to our Brilliant Staff, be they Dr’s, Nurses, Cleaners, Porters or any multitude of staff that we have here at The Princess of Wales We can only continue to offer a service because of the generosity of people like you offering their time to carry out the necessary steps. Talking to people, taking requests, checking if we have the music and to play said music and pass along the best wishes and love.

Programs and Announcers

Arthur Thomas, Dave Duford, Alan Butler, Wayne Dunkley, Tuesday Time Machine - With Gavin Carthew

Frequencies FM

  • Bridgend : Online



Address: The Studios, The Princess of Wales Hospital, Coity Road, Bridgend, CF31 1RQ

Telephone: 01656 752 588