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Radio Jupiter

Music to Plug the Generation Gap

Radio Jupiter provides listeners with an opportunity to enjoy original, high-quality content 24/7 mixed seamlessly with the all-time greatest rock and pop hits from past decades. This really is a station for every generation to enjoy. After all, good music is timeless. Tune in and discover why listeners refuse to listen to anything else.

Programs and Announcers

Chris WIlliams - Music, Lee Vincent - More Music, Tony Roberts - Even More Music, Kenny Peters - More Music, Ian Rowe - Even More Music, Charlie Taylor - Even More Music, Len Fisher - Music, Clive G - Music, Ian McWilliams - Even More Music, Chris Tees - More Music, Dave Hearne - More Music, Trevor Adams - Music, Peter Philips - Music, Steve Ralph - More Music, Clive G - Even More Music, Steve Ralph - Music

Frequencies FM

  • Canterbury : Online



Address: Unit 11 Builders Square, Court Hill, Littlebourne, Kent CT3 1XU