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County Durham Community Radio

Where The Heart Of Our Community Lives & Listens

CDC Radio UK offers an enthusiastic interest in what is happening in County Durham, with fantastic music & shows to suit most tastes! Our focus is on local interests, groups, small businesses, highlighting what they have to offer to the people of our County. Our demographic is both male & female, aged 30+ residing within County Durham who enjoy music from past decades with a sprinkling of popular modern. We shall be transmitting worldwide via the internet and will be accessible easily via mobile app, smart speaker or website, this will allow connection on your phone, tablet, web or smart device. We are looking for monetary aid for this community project, if your organisation, group, club or small business would be interested in discussing one of our terrific value advertising & sponsorship packages or assisting us with funding, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Programs and Announcers

Yawn & Stretch, What The Folk, Purely Acoustic, Chilled 0 Degrees, The Classical & Crossover Morning Serenade



Address: 34 Kirkstone Drive, Carrville, County Durham, DH1 1AH

Telephone: 01913841188