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DilSe Radio

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“The future of Radio is the internet, not on the internet” DilSe is about radio and the internet and our choice of words is deliberate. The future for radio has a lot to do with the internet but the future of radio is not the internet as a means of sending programmes to the audience but as a wider tool creating a hybridity in the programme making process and the listening experience. Great radio content, made by passionate and creative minds will still be at the heart of what we do on DilSe Radio but hybridity offers previously unavailable opportunities that we share considered within the context of programme production and distribution. About Dilse Radio DilSe Radio is a London-based private radio station. It started operations in February 2023. DilSe Radio is the “feel good” radio that accompanies its listeners through a varied playlist, made up of hits, popular music, while entertaining them and bringing them a good mood. Bollywood music takes up much of the radio’s programming, but DilSe Radio also gives airtime to local talent and artists. DilSe Radio’s programs are varied and extensive. Among those that aim to entertain, we also have others that address topical issues, important societal issues, events and individual concerns. Other themes, including property, finance, health, business, and spiritual programmes bring diversification to the daily programming. DilSe Radio is very active and regularly participates in social actions, including blood donations, workshops, health campaigns, among others. Our mission: to inform, educate and entertain you. Tune in to DilSe Radio: Online, Apps and on your smart speakers.

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  • London : Online



Address: Unit 27 Cygnus Business Centre, Dalmeyer Road, London NW10 2XA

Telephone: 020 3011 2469