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Fiesta 95 FM

For you For me For Everyone

We are Fiesta 95.0, Radio for you, for me, for everyone! Fiesta FM Community Radio broadcasts a mix of music, news, interviews, and locally-relevant information to the community of Southampton. Fiesta FM fills the communication gap between community members and creates a forum for community, business and public service announcements. Fiesta FM volunteers provide training for those new to radio production, providing the opportunity for any individual or group a way to share music or ideas. Fiesta FM rebroadcasts local and nationally syndicated news and talk shows on a variety of topics, adding to the continuing education of community members. Fiesta FM is inclusive – everyone is welcome to help support our mission statement by volunteering, becoming a member or business underwriter or sponsoring the station.

Programs and Announcers

The Ukelele show - with Fragile Lucy, Community hour Fiesta Friends - With Mark Carter

Frequencies FM

  • Southampton : 95.0 FM



Address: 6 Northlands Road Southampton SO15 2LF - United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7493819688