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R360 Radio

Your Feel Bliss Radio

R360 is a UK-based Radio Station owned by Rhema Star Ltd. We provide positive and uplifting programming, as well as many entertaining and inspirational shows. We strive to make a positive difference in our community, and we hope you will come and be a part of the R360 radio project. Listen to your favourite radio programs & Podcasts, and music all in one place – Tune in to R360 Radio – your feel bliss radio. Download our app now and be inspired. Discover new music mixes: Get the latest news, videos, and pictures from our station with the best guests and the most entertaining and informative content. We currently operate in the UK, but you can listen to our radio and watch our shows anywhere around the globe on smart speakers, online, download on Play store & App store and listen on Dab in your car and Dab radios. If you’re enjoying listening to our radio, please leave us a review! We are constantly improving by adding more content and features, so please let us know what you like to see next.



Address: 3rd Floor, Regal Suites, Ivy Mill Business Center, Crown St, M35 9BG, Failsworth, Greater Manchester

Telephone: 07981750001