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Radio Jammor

Radio Jammor is on the air...

Radio Jammor is an online radio station based in Scotland. The station is licenced to broadcast copyrighted music in the UK, USA and Canada. The station is predominantly a rock and pop station featuring music from the charts since their inception in the 1950s. Radio Jammor has dedicated time slots for Scottish artists and artists with a significant Scottish connection. This includes traditional Scottish folk music and 'auld family favourites'. The station will also dedicate time slots to a range of music genres and keep abreast of new music. The station will be open to new music submissions.

Programs and Announcers

The Scottish Rock & Pop Lunch, 90s Mix, The Teatime Show, All Night Sounds, 70s Mix, 50s & 60s Mix, 21st Century Rock & Pop, Female Voices, 80s Mix, Dance Mix, The Hiphop Hour, The 21st Century Breakfast Show, Soul Sounds, Breakfast Rock and Pop, 80s Mix, Sunday Evening, 90s Mix, Sunday Evening, 70s Mix, Sunday Evening, The Auld & Traditional Scottish Show, Summer Party Mix

Frequencies FM

  • Glasgow : Online