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Barrelhouse Radio

A destination for creativity & collective good times.

bar·rel·house | \ ˈber-əl-ˌhau̇s, ˈba-rəl- \ 1: a cheap drinking and usually dancing establishment 2: a strident, uninhibited, and forcefully rhythmic style of jazz or blues 3: a home of creativity and collective good times… Barrelhouse Radio is a new, not-for-profit and independent radio statio Our mission is to bring together musical clubs, DJs and communities and act as a modern day juke joint for the sharing of great music and culture. With two feet firmly planted in the golden era of fifties, sixties and seventies MOBO, we will still look forward and throw in a few surprises. After all; there are only two types of music: good and bad. We aim to promote the first…. Our presenters are based all around the UK, Ireland and Europe. Whilst musical style and tastes will differ of course; they all have one thing in common: a passion for great music. As two radio junkies, the idea for this station came from a meeting of minds and was a springboard from the offer of some studio time and then dabbling with various digital formats. The plan was to create a station that not only plays the music we love, but can also act as a platform for the clubs and creative people to share their loves too. Fuelled by volunteers, mates, clubs and all manner of brilliant people, we would love for you to join us on what we hope it will be more, much more than Just Another Radio Station.

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  • Newark on Trent : Online