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Go Go Radio Gibraltar

Interactive Radio With Love!!!

Programs and Announcers

Go Go Radio Gibraltar Music Mix, Dave Edwards That 70's Sound, Jim Stevens The Happy Hour Show, Sandy M's Pop Decades, Alec Nicol Vinyl Days, Katja Lange Inbetween with Kati, Gary Hopkins Blast From The 80s, Geffo Dorsett Solid Gold 60's, Paul Baker GOLD - Music from 70's & 90's, Bobby Martin - Bobby Martin's Show, DJ Key On This Day 80s, Villahangar captain - Music in the Air, Geoff Dorsett Super Sonic 70's, Chris Clark Solid Gold Jukebox, Gary Hopkins Blast From The 00s, Bobby Martin Bobby Martin Radio Show, Danny Sun Unique radio show, Neil Greaves Guilty pleasure 45, Alec Nicol Lovezone, Chuck Shorter Charting In The USA, Alec Nicol The Love Zone, Gary Jackson My Generation, The Chris Clark Show, Steve Chelmsford The Mop Tops & The King, Chris Palin 70s Chart Show, Brian Woolfson Retro Chart Show, Gordon Cooper Swinging 60's, Gary Hopkins A Blast From The Past, Chris Palin 80s Chart Show, Nick Prince Chatterbox, Jay Adkins N.U.A Radio show, Jason Scott's Massive 40 (RPT), Danny Sun The Overflow show, Dave Marley The Classic Chart Rundown, Colin French Rewind To The 70's, Geffo Dorsett Kick Up The 80's, Pete Matthewman IT's My Country Radio Show, Simon Hardin Eurovision show, Chuck Shorter Charting In The USA With Souls, David Murphy All Out Eurovision, Gary Hopkins Blast From The 90s, Al Galpin - The Second Hand Songs, Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only, Joseph Benggio & Mary Pinch Love Direction (Live), JP's Golden Years, Dave Mac with The Retro Chart Show, Lazy B Chill Out Zone (Live), Nick Prince Movie Madness, JP's Eurovision Radio International, Gordon Cooper Sensational 70's, Philip Medcalf The Golden Years, Paul Baker Mystery Top 40, Chuck Shorter Charting In The USA - Country Style, Michael Tiffany - Midnight Madness Radio, Mark Stafford Rock And Roll Heaven Stafford's World, Big Bob’s Memory Lane (RPT), Jason Scott's Massive 40 (Live), Big Bob’s Memory Lane (Live), Viv Craggs Mouth Meltdown



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