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Polyglot Radio

Speaks Your Language

A new linguistic metaverse. A music and podcasts channel with multilingual shows. News, dance & pop today's hits (86%) and from the past (14%) plus the weekly podcast premiere, for our UK big community: different mother tongue people speaking English as a 2nd language. Did podcasts kill the radio stars? The radio-producing multilingual podcasts are the future polyglot humankind linguistic Metaverse. Inside-out thinking? Vision My vision is an internet radio not only broadcasting music with presenters talking in one language only. Polyglot Radio should be like a kind of social media where foreign native tongue listeners can "meet" other people talking in the same language, swapping their experiences in the new country they have chosen to live in. The interaction among listeners can be done by participating in the podcasts or using Facebook and Twitter, @Polyglotradio or Instagram's "polyglot_radio_la_webradio" profile. The problem is that immigrants sometimes don’t understand English radio, especially the slang the presenters use, speaking fast during their shows. Our target is language diversity and cultural inclusion, driving innovation and giving a more open-minded world consciousness, with a consequent overcoming of barriers and diversities. Solution In Polyglot Radio, ex-pats will find a "new home" where some presenters speak their same language "L1" and others speak English "L2" or different languages. For listeners coming from other European countries a friendly way to improve their English. And for native English speakers the possibility of listening to foreign languages from their mother tongue hosts.



Address: Polyglot Radio ltd. Reg.address 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE London UK

Telephone: +442081238764