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Motherland FM NG

Service to Humanity

Motherland FM NG iS established for empowering humanity because empoewring humanity is the key to our future. The radio station believe as a society we must work together to help each other succeed in life, as the success of individuals collectively benefits humankind, and that is what we are as humanity. That is why we going to give people with hiding tallent a platform to become someone great in the chosing field to show case their hiding talent. We are going to be talking about politic, economy, sport, palying music , promoting people goods and services and all what that can make the world a better place for us all. At motherland FM NG we believed life is all about living for others and serving humanity that is why “ nothing is more important than Service to Humanity” Serving and supporting humanity by doing a small of act of kind is what that gives us inner joy, happiness and satisfactions. We looking forward to provide a friendly, education and informative Radio station for everyone.