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Phat Soundz Radio

Playing the very best in underground music was formed in January 2021, with the aim of providing a platform for DJ's/performers/artists to showcase their skills and mixing abilities to a world wide audience in the comfort of their own home via our website and also our social media channels. Our plan is to bring love joy and unity among people in these difficult times to either listen to music or enjoy the DJ, We hope to create a worldwide fan base delivering good vibes and positive energy within the world we live in today. In our short existence we have already agreed a deal with imploded records to stream live audio and video 24/7 via there website We accept most genre of dance music inc. UK garage, Grime, House (all genre), Jungle, D`N`B, Reggae etc.

Programs and Announcers

Guest DJ/Autoplay - Multi Genre, DJ Rand - Drum & Bass, Terry Dizencio - UKG, Grime and Bass, DJ Spoon The Mixologist - Multi Genre, DJ English - House, Anta C - UKG & House, DJ Ritchie - House & Trance, Noisy Lenny - Tech and Funky House, Jahnny Dainjah - Drum & Bass, DJ Mcrae - UKG, DJ Ice - House Tech and Reggae, DJ Frank EC - House, Marky J - House, DJ Zim - House, Chill Hard - Multi Genre, Haim DJ - House & Trance, Kev Cole - Garage, Don Murphy - Garage, Triplex - Multi Genre, DJ CAPTUR3 - Drum & Bass, K Cole - UKG, J Scot Presents Chords with Humanity - House, Matt CS - Multi Genre, Dissolute - House & Techno, Tommy Beats - House

Frequencies FM

  • London : Online